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  • August

    Market analysis: Nigeria 04 August 2008

    An unexpected development

  • June

    Market analysis: Singapore 25 June 2008

    Planning the next move

  • BVI set to raise its game 01 June 2008

    The British Virgin Islands has been chasing the Cayman Islands, its rival jurisdiction, to secure the lead in hedge fund registrations. Increased focus and new regulations in the pipeline might bring an extra edge to the longstanding competition

  • Cayman Islands enjoy the sunshine 01 June 2008

    The subprime crisis has finally brought home to hedge funds that they have to manage their counterparty risk. As a result, hedge funds have been transferring spare assets from their prime brokers to custodians, writes James Norris

  • Rock looks to a future in the EU 01 June 2008

    Now that Gibraltar has a new constitution and that the UK's relations with the Spain are improving, Gibraltar is set for a prosperous future as an independent offshore financial centre within the European Union, writes James Norris

  • Macau bids to leverage its Hong Kong connection 01 June 2008

    Despite its commitment to low taxation and favourable relations with China, Macao has some way to go to reach the top table of offshore investment locations, writes Paul Golden

  • May

    News in brief 22 May 2008

  • Asia update 22 May 2008