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Latin America

  • December

    Latin America Master Class 19 December 2008

    In a first in a series of post conference round ups, isf gives a play-by-play account of its first conference in Latin America, highlighting the day's panels, most topical people and discussions.

  • September

    The Latin rhythm 18 September 2008

    Fincere Ltd was set up in 2006 and launched its first offering in June this year. Its global emerging markets fund largely focuses on the Latin American markets. Ian Hall speaks to Fincere's fund manager about how the fund came about, and what makes the Latin American market so unique.

  • August

    Market analysis: Nigeria 04 August 2008

    An unexpected development

  • June

    Market analysis: Singapore 25 June 2008

    Planning the next move

  • May

    News in brief 22 May 2008

  • Asia update 22 May 2008