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  • December

    News in brief 19 December 2006

  • Building a brand 19 December 2006

    Gene Picone is one of the most recognisable faces in the industry. He speaks to Craig MacDonald about jumping to a third-party lender and his affection for building and creating something new.

  • Building on success 19 December 2006

    The conference season is over – three conferences in three months, and isf was there to check them out. Here is a round-up of the Clearstream, RMA and IMN European Beneficial Owners conference events – three out of the five biggest securities finance conferences of the period.

  • Market analysis 19 December 2006

    A flood in Australia

  • Riding the wave 19 December 2006

    Energy investment can be a very risky business. Craig MacDonald speaks to Norman MacDonald, a portfolio manager of energy specialist BTR Global Energy Fund, about risk, markets for growth and the commodity bubble.

  • September

    News in brief 22 September 2006