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  • September

    Social media analytics gain traction 23 September 2014

    Hannah Smithies talks to Twitter’s director of financial data sales, David Greenfield, about the future of social media in the financial services

  • August

    Saker Nusseibah, Hermes, interview 11 August 2014

    Saker Nusseibah, CEO of Hermes, talks to Alastair O’Dell about the ills of the financial system and why orthodox economic theory is wrong

  • May

    Kevin McNulty, Isla, interview 30 May 2014

    Locating opportunities to grow businesses will be a big talking point at this year’s Isla conference, chief executive Kevin McNulty tells Hannah Smithies

  • Marc Saluzzi, Alfi chairman, interview 29 May 2014

    The asset management industry is suffering because it has failed to explain its purpose and embrace technology, Alfi chairman Marc Saluzzi tells Stephanie Baxter

  • De Vidts and Hill, Icma, interview 07 May 2014

    Regulators are missing a crucial element in the collateral plumbing, Icma's new paper reveals. Stephanie Baxter speaks to Andy Hill and Godfried de Vidts about the findings of the research

  • Dominic Wallington, RBC Global AM, interview 07 May 2014

    A tricky start to 2014 has done nothing to dissuade RBC Global Asset Management (UK) CIO Dominic Wallington from his favourable view of European equities, finds Paul Golden

  • April

    David Creighton, Cordiant Capital, interview 02 April 2014

    Cordiant Capital president and chief executive David Creighton has built a company on taking a contrarian view and remaining committed when the market loses faith, finds Paul Golden

  • February

    Joaquim Levy, Bradesco AM, interview 21 February 2014

    Joaquim Levy, CEO of Bradesco Asset Management, talks to Hardeep Dhillon about the company’s pioneering spirit and his views on investing in Latin America

  • David Martocci, Citi, face to face 14 February 2014

    Searching for opportunities in high-fee specials and emerging markets is the way forward for the securities lending industry, Citi’s David Martocci tells Stephanie Baxter