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Year: 2016 2014 2013 2012
  • December

    Abdul Kadir Hussain, Mashreq Capital, interview 02 December 2013

    Abdul Kadir Hussain, chief executive of Mashreq Capital, talks to Hardeep Dhillon about opportunities in the Middle East ahead of the launch of its first sharia-compliant equity fund

  • Sandro Pierri, Pioneer Investments, interview 02 December 2013

    Alastair O’Dell speaks to Pioneer Investments chief executive Sandro Pierri about making money from fixed income in a rising rate environment

  • November

    Keith Haberlin, BBH, interview 29 November 2013

    Keith Haberlin, global co-head of securities lending at Brown Brothers Harriman, talks to Alastair O’Dell about the two key issues that will, hopefully, be resolved in January at the IMN Beneficial Owners’ Conference in Texas

  • Sharon Bowles, European Parliament, interview 25 November 2013

    European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee chair, Sharon Bowles speakes to Anna Reitman about the progress reforming the regulatory system

  • October

    Scott Black, Hudson Bay, interview 01 October 2013

    Ex-SEC lawyer Scott Black, who now works for a major US hedge fund, tells Stephanie Baxter why he believes the regulator is unnecessarily over-burdening itself and the industry

  • September

    Sunao Otsuka, Daiwa SB Investments, interview 30 September 2013

    Sunao Otsuka, talks to Hardeep Dhillon about how the launch of Daiwa SB Investments’ first ever pooled Sicav fund for the European market is perfectly timed to benefit from Abenomics

  • Chris Kunkle, RMA, interview 19 September 2013

    Ahead of the Annual Conference on Securities Lending in Florida, the RMA’s Chris Kunkle tells Stephanie Baxter why amid the challenging regulatory backdrop it’s not all doom and gloom

  • David Rubenstein, BMCM, interview 19 September 2013

    David Rubenstein, CEO for Europe, BlueMountain Capital Management, talks to Hardeep Dhillon about the firm's deep-rooted credit culture and achievements in its ten years of operation

  • Sunil Daswani, Northern Trust, interview 18 September 2013

    IMN conference advisory board member Sunil Daswani talks to Paul Golden about why such events are increasingly important

  • Simon Wong, LSE, interview 13 September 2013

    The LSE's Simon Wong tells Stephanie Baxter why securities lending is a typical example of the conflicts of interests endemic in institutional investment

  • August

    Hendrik du Toit, CEO, Investec AM, interview 03 August 2013

    Hendrik du Toit, CEO of Investec Asset Management, speaks to Alastair O’Dell about the unique investment opportunities that Africa has to offer

  • Mike Taylor, LPFA, interview 02 August 2013

    Mike Taylor, chief executive of the £4.6bn London Pensions Fund Authority, talks to Andrew Sheen about the scheme’s securities lending activity

  • July

    Josh Galper, Finadium, interview 03 July 2013

    The securities lending industry needs to defeat negative publicity, Finadium’s Josh Galper tells Stephanie Baxter

  • June

    Kevin McNulty, Isla, interview 27 June 2013

    Andrew Sheen talks to CEO Kevin McNulty about the future of securities lending

  • Dominique Carrel-Billiard, Axa IM, interview 04 June 2013

    Dominique Carrel-Billiard, chief executive of Axa Investment Managers, talks to Alastair O’Dell about attracting money back from investors still sitting on the sidelines

  • May

    Andrew Gazzard, Otkritie Securities, interview 30 May 2013

    Andrew Gazzard talks to Hardeep Dhillon about how Otkritie Securities is changing perceptions in the securities lending industry

  • David Hiscock, Icma, interview 30 May 2013

    Icma’s David Hiscock discusses how the changing regulatory landscape will affect the securities lending and repo markets with Simon Murray

  • Peter Bain, Old Mutual AM, interview 20 May 2013

    Old Mutual's Peter Bain talks to Andrew Sheen about the benefits of the multi-boutique asset management model and restructuring for growth

  • Simon Luhr, FinEx Capital Management, interview 09 May 2013

    Simon Luhr has been involved in securities lending since its infancy. Now the CEO of a hedge fund firm, he tells Stephanie Baxter why he believes the industry is still heading in the right direction

  • April

    Chris Antonelli, Nomura, interview 04 April 2013

    Nomura’s Chris Antonelli speaks to Stephanie Baxter about the modern struggles of being a prime broker and why Asia is an exciting but challenging place to grow a business

  • Guy Stern, Standard Life GARS fund, interview 03 April 2013

    Andrew Sheen talks to Guy Stern, manager of the £21bn Standard Life GARS fund, about taking a long-term view in challenging economic times

  • March

    Bruno Prigent, Societe Generale SS, interview 07 March 2013

    Bruno Prigent, global head of Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS), speaks to Alastair O’Dell about the impact of the AIFM directive on fund managers and their service providers

  • Esmond Lee, HKMA, interview 01 March 2013

    Hong Kong may be a small player in the global repo market but its central bank sees a bright future. Esmond Lee of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority speaks to Stephanie Baxter

  • February

    Steven Maijoor, Esma, interview 06 February 2013

    Steven Maijoor, chair of the European Securities Markets Authority, speaks to Alastair O’Dell about the passage of legislation and regulation through the corridors of power

  • January

    Thuto Shomang, South African National Treasury 07 January 2013

    Thuto Shomang, head of the South African National Treasury’s asset and liability management division, talks to Luke Clancy about the treasury’s debt management plans

  • Judy Polzer, JPMorgan, interview 02 January 2013

    Judy Polzer, global head of securities lending product at JPMorgan, talks to Alastair O’Dell about how she anticipates the outcome of myriad regulatory discussions will shape the business