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  • November

    Emad Mansour, CEO of Qatar First Investment Bank 09 November 2012

    Emad Mansour, CEO of Qatar First Investment Bank, talks to Alastair O’Dell about creating an asset management business to balance out principal investing over the economic cycle

  • Alan Pace, head of Americas prime finance, Citi 01 November 2012

    Citi’s Alan Pace believes hedge funds in the US are reaching an ever wider pool of investors while Brazil’s recent success is being constrained by barriers to international investment. He talks to Stephanie Baxter

  • September

    Mike Hankin, Brown Advisory, interview 18 September 2012

    Mike Hankin, president and CEO of Brown Advisory, tells Bob Campion that taking a bottom-up approach to investment is now more valid than ever in today's volatile markets

  • Andrew Hauser, chair of SLRC, Bank of England 01 September 2012

    The Bank of England’s Andrew Hauser tells Stephanie Baxter how transparency can bolster confidence in the securities lending and repo markets

  • August

    Joe Antonellis, State Street, interview 14 August 2012

    State Street’s Joe Antonellis talks to Alastair O’Dell about the changing demands of institutional investors and how asset managers are reacting

  • Guy d'Albrand, RBC Investor Services, interview 03 August 2012

    Guy d’Albrand, head of securities lending at RBC Investor Services, talks to Stephanie Baxter about his plans for the business and why Europe should look to Japan for answers

  • July

    Manual processes drag down revenues 20 July 2012

    Managing fee billing on manual processes is risky for asset managers, says Fiserv’s Shaun McGee

  • Hedge funds and stock loan operations 16 July 2012

    Linedata’s Ed Gouldstone said hedge funds need better middle office functionality

  • Japanese managers to expand in Asia 04 July 2012

    Asset managers in Japan are starting to take advantage of their strengthening balance sheets

  • June

    Asset managers left out of Solvency II talks 25 June 2012

    Efama’s Peter de Proft says EU regulators have not been engaging with the asset management industry during the development of Solvency II

  • Greek election fails to calm fears 19 June 2012

    The second Greek national election has changed nothing, according to Martin Currie's Michael Browne

  • Trader concerned over Belgian collateral 12 June 2012

    Beneficial owners involved in securities lending programmes are concerned about Belgium, according to a source

  • May

    Anthony Byrne, Deutsche Bank, interview 22 May 2012

    Anthony Byrne, head of Asian prime services at Deutsche Bank, talks to Stephanie Baxter about his move back to Asia after managing the bank’s European platform for the past nine years

  • Greek stalemate may lead to euro exit 15 May 2012

    Several Greek parties will step up their campaigns for a euro exit if a second election is held, says Cicero Consulting’s Iain Anderson

  • Election result to shape French control on EU 04 May 2012

    France has had too much power over EU regulatory decisions such as the AIFM directive, says a source

  • Hedge funds “to stay” in London 04 May 2012

    A lawyer believes that UK-based hedge funds will stay put despite concerns the London funds centre will suffer as a result of the upcoming AIFM directive

  • Tony Venditti, BMO Capital Markets, interview 03 May 2012

    Annabelle Palmer speaks with Tony Venditti, global head of BMO Capital Market's newly combined prime brokerage and equity finance business to see what’s in store for the new unit

  • EU "to look at" ‘letter-box entity’ concerns 02 May 2012

    The European Commission will consider the industry’s outrage over ‘letter-box entities’ in the AIFM directive, says a source

  • April

    Industry applauds EU reversal over AIFMD 26 April 2012

    Firms have reacted positively to the European Commission’s promise to address issues in the AIFM directive

  • Keith Skeoch, CEO, Standard Life Investments 19 April 2012

    Keith Skeoch, CEO of Standard Life Investments, speaks with Annabelle Palmer about how his long-term investment approach has achieved consistent growth during difficult climes

  • Big debate: quantitative easing 11 April 2012

    Luke Clancy asks Andrew Milligan, head of global strategy, Standard Life Investments and Adam Fergusson, author of When Money Dies, whether quantitative easing is desirable

  • Custodians fight back against Europe 05 April 2012

    The European Commission’s draft text for the AIFM directive has been heavily criticised all week. One global custodian tells Stephanie Baxter why the EC has left the industry exasperated

  • March

    CIO profile: Plamen Monovski, Renaissance 28 March 2012

    Renaissance Asset Managers CIO and president Plamen Monovski knows exactly what he is looking for in emerging and frontier investments. Stephanie Baxter caught up with him at celebrations for the firm exceeding $3bn in AuM