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Year: 2017 2016 2015
  • November

    Beneficial owners survey 2017 methodology 07 November 2016

    The full methodology of this year's Global Investor survey of beneficial owners' views of their agent lenders' performance

  • September

    International Securities Lending Survey 2016: The Results 23 September 2016

    The results of the Global Investor/ISF 2016 International Securities Lending Survey were announced at a gala dinner on Thursday 22nd in London

  • June

    Tri-party survey results 22 June 2016

    The winner of the Global Investor/ISF tri-party survey was Clearstream, but BNY Mellon also came away with a significant share of the spoils

  • May

    Global custody survey results 06 May 2016

    This year’s Global Investor/ISF survey produced a variety of winners. State Street, Pictet Asset Services, RBC I&TS and Citi shared the global top spots

  • March

    Sub-custody guide 2016 08 March 2016

    Worldwide handbook covering market developments and the performance of sub-custodians in 47 countries

  • February

    Beneficial Owners Survey 2016: RESULTS 03 February 2016

    The winners of the Global Investor/ISF beneficial owners survey 2016, supported by DataLend, have been announced…