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  • December

    In the post 19 December 2008

    Replicating success?

  • September

    Bank profiles 18 September 2008

  • Overall survey results 18 September 2008

  • Borrower and lender service categories 18 September 2008

  • General data 18 September 2008

  • August

    Hedge funds down in June 04 August 2008

  • The model is forming 04 August 2008

  • The best wins 04 August 2008

    Tracking performance has always been the Achilles heel of securities lending for beneficial owners. But some beneficial owners are designing their own benchmarks for their lenders. Craig MacDonald speaks to AEGON USA Investment Management about how it has changed its lending strategy to truly test its lenders.

  • The latest trends 04 August 2008

  • June

    The wheels come off 25 June 2008

    Are 130/30 products truly a way to harness a vast untapped potential of expertise, or just another fad that like all fads, may have just a kernel of truth embedded deep within? What is clear is that many long only fund managers as well as hedge funds are jumping onto the 130/30 bandwagon, which for many institutional funds, may not necessarily be driving them to anywhere sensible. Joseph Mariathasan reports.

  • News analysis 25 June 2008

  • News in brief 25 June 2008

  • The final frontier 25 June 2008

    Africa as a whole is one of the last untapped regions on the planet, historically mainly due to political strife, inflation and a general lack of investor confidence. But things are changing – slowly. Craig MacDonald speaks to the recently launched Insparo Africa and Middle East Fund about the opportunities ahead.

  • Market analysis: Singapore 25 June 2008

    Planning the next move

  • Moving mountains 25 June 2008

    The hedge fund industry needs to be more transparent and two landmark initiatives, one in the US and one in the United Kingdom aim to help the market shed its monster in the closet reputation. Craig MacDonald investigates.

  • Predicting the future? 25 June 2008

    Roy Martins believes a person's actions can determine his future. Ian Hall chats to him about why he left powerhouse prime broker, Morgan Stanley and why he thinks Credit Suisse is a top tier prime broker.

  • GCC centres pull investors in 01 June 2008

    Until now, Middle East regional institutions and wealthy individuals invested via third parties in financial centres elsewhere. Andrew Hawa, regional manager of Sophis Middle East, says this is no longer always the case

  • Evergreen Dublin goes for growth 01 June 2008

    From a standing start, and in under 20 years, the Irish funds industry has carved out a niche in global financial services that has developed into an important part of the Irish economy, writes James Norris

  • Bank ills visited on wealth managers 01 June 2008

    Investment banks affected by the subprime crisis are facing substantial reorganisation, and in some cases, divestment of some of their businesses. Capco consultants Richard Watrasiewicz and Mark Jenkinson examine how, for example, a wealth management entity might have to be hived off from an investment bank parent

  • Cayman Islands enjoy the sunshine 01 June 2008

    The subprime crisis has finally brought home to hedge funds that they have to manage their counterparty risk. As a result, hedge funds have been transferring spare assets from their prime brokers to custodians, writes James Norris

  • Volatility halts growth momentum 01 June 2008

    The global fund of hedge fund industry saw solid growth over 2007, the GI/ Watson Wyatt Global Alternative Survey reveals. But growth would not have looked so good if it had included first quarter 2008 numbers, finds Caspar Hoare

  • Adapting to survive 01 June 2008

    Private equity firms are quick to spot investment opportunities and to adapt to changing markets. With the end of the leveraged buyout market, distressed assets in the real estate sector are offering interesting investment opportunities, writes James Norris

  • Mercer remains top Australian manager 01 June 2008

    In spite of a vigorous shake up in the rankings, Mercer is top of Morningstar's Australian fund rankings for the second time in a row. Hong Kong rankings saw less change since March but AXA Rosenberg steals first place despite being unplaced in March, writes Caspar Hoare

  • May

    An evolving model 22 May 2008

    The recent market turbulence has caused a new phenomena to occur. The lack of liquidity and bank instability has caused the central banks of the world to reevaluate their role in the markets. Craig MacDonald investigates how central banks have become more proactive and creative in the markets, if their plans are working and how it will effect spreads.

  • News in brief 22 May 2008

  • People in brief 22 May 2008

  • Strength and Honor 22 May 2008

    When a $1.16 trillion fund makes changes, the markets should pay attention. Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund is doing just that over the coming year. Marek Sanders looks at how securities lending will be affected.

  • A new tune in Russia 22 May 2008

    Russia is no longer just a market of commodities and misconceptions of unsafe investment. Its capital markets are growing. Craig MacDonald speaks to one of the beneficiaries of this improved Russia, Troika Dialog Asset Management, about their hedge fund and if Russia is really the new boom market.

  • Market analysis 22 May 2008

    Let it grow

  • Tax corner 22 May 2008

    The new regime

  • Legal brief 22 May 2008

    The case heard round the world

  • In the post 22 May 2008

    ASLA fights back

  • The quest for a start-up 22 May 2008

    Hedge fund investment is down and it's almost impossible to launch a start-up. But that has little to do with the financial crisis. The credit crunch's biggest impact is political, says Maria McGrady.

  • The Canadian market roars 22 May 2008

    ?Canada has been called at times, insular, conservative, domestic. But the market is keen to demonstrate it is global. And recent regulatory changes will help. isf gathers some of the biggest securities lending players in the country together for the first in a series of local market forums.

  • Driving a new model 22 May 2008

    ?PASLA has a new man behind the wheel. Lawrence Komo was named chairman of PASLA at its annual conference earlier this year. He speaks to Craig MacDonald about his plans for the association, why he took the job, and his take on what happened at Opes Prime.

  • March

    If you don't ask you don't get 11 March 2008

    Beneficial owners can get more transparency than ever before about the price of different services. But they need to ask, and many smaller funds don't. Maria McGrady explains the murky world of pricing and how to ask the right questions.