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  • September

    Don't write off the locals 06 September 2005

    Large international custodians in the Mediterranean might be ahead of their home-grown rivals in terms of capability. But regulatory obstacles are giving the locals time to catch up, writes Nick Fitzpatrick.

  • July

    Northern exposure 01 July 2005

    Northern Trust's acquisition of BAM's Financial Services Group for US$500 million has been viewed by some as a huge gamble. But the group is adamant that the cross-selling virtues of the deal will pay off. Richard Greensted reports.

  • June

    BNY charges into the front office 09 June 2005

    In the last decade, the Bank of New York has become a significant force in the front office, underpinned by a series of acquisitions. But does this mean that BNY is neglecting its core custody franchise? Richard Greensted reports.

  • March

    Nordics find strength in numbers 10 March 2005

    The Nordic region has seen a great deal of consolidation amongst its stock exchanges over the last two years. But there has been less movement in the clearing and settlement market, which will be vital if the region is really to see greater efficiencies. Kaveri Niththyananthan reports.

  • February

    Automating European fund processing 16 February 2005

    Arguments in favour of straight-through processing have historically fallen on deaf ears in the mutual fund sector. But the costs to the fundholder of manual processing are high, and the tide is beginning to turn. Richard Greensted analyses the pros and cons of the new systems hitting the market.