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  • December

    Moving up the value chain 22 December 2004

    Ron Logue, who was appointed to the top job at State Street in June after the retirement of David Spina, has already made a number of important changes in an attempt to build the business. Richard Greensted reports on the global custodian's plans to generate more than 50% of its revenues from outside the US and the forays it is making into the hedge fund space.

  • November

    A place at the table 09 November 2004

    Northern Trust's strength in the pension fund market is undisputed, but the bank also wants to compete with the market leaders for outsourcing mandates. By Richard Greensted.

  • June

    Pooled pension innovation 01 June 2004

    Deutsche Asset Management's new pooled fund allows institutional investors to benefit from the withholding tax breaks previously limited to segregated equity. This could pave the way for greater efficiency in cross-border pension pools. Richard Greensted reports.

  • March

    HSBC’s five year plan for world domination 01 March 2004

    HSBC?s UK custody business is the last survivor of a whole host of UK custody players who went the way of the dodo in the 1990s. Now HSBC has developed an ambitious gameplan to put it in the top three global custodians by the end of 2007. Tim Colyer reports.

  • February

    Sizing up the market 01 February 2004

    Big name fund administrators have piled into the hedge funds market in the last three years, leading to speculation that the days of the specialist service provider are numbered. Simon Evans reports.