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  • December

    Time For Transparency 01 December 2001

    Thomas Murray is using a new set of regulations in the UK to push the case for custodian ratings. By Jo McGinley.

  • November

    Investor services: The waiting game 01 November 2001

    With T+1 delayed yet again, are securities industry participants taking deadlines seriously enough? By Jo McGinley.

  • July

    Lend us your ear - and portfolio 01 July 2001

    Third party lending is becoming an asset management business where efficiency and minimal disruption to clients is all. By Anuj Gangahar.

  • June

    Defining fair value for custody 01 June 2001

    Defining what value-added means is far from easy. Especially when so-called core services are often found wanting. And then there’s the thorny issue of what the service should cost.

  • May

    Voters split on proxy problems 01 May 2001

    Crest has announced plans to help bring Europe’s proxy voting system up to date. While the initiative is being welcomed, the deeper problems with proxy voting look set to remain unresolved. By Jo McGinley.

  • April

    Double Jeopardy 01 April 2001

    Where one solution will do, you can rely on the securities industry to provide two. Omgeo and the GSTPA is just the latest example. By Jo McGinley.

  • Going with the flow 01 April 2001

    Nobody doubts the importance of cross-border capital flows in influencing the performance of global markets. Now custodians are rushing to create tools to measure these flows.

  • March

    The tax man cometh 01 March 2001

    Swiss custodians are at the forefront of objections to new US withholding tax rules. Worryingly, the EU may be about to follow the US lead. Jo McGinley reports.

  • Guide to IRS 1441 NRA regulations 01 March 2001