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  • December

    News in brief 19 December 2006

  • ALD goes live 19 December 2006

  • People in brief 19 December 2006

  • Beware the SEC 19 December 2006

  • Coming shortly: T2S targeting you 19 December 2006

    The benefits that settlement harmonisation will give to the European securities financing industry are clear. But how harmonisation should be organised and who should provide it are not. Marek Sanders looks at the Eurosystem's proposal for its own single settlement platform: Target2-Securities.

  • In the post 19 December 2006

  • A fresh perspective 19 December 2006

  • How lending queues work 19 December 2006

    Every lender has a slightly different approach to queuing, and has incentives to put some funds above others. The industry needs greater transparency driven by the inquiries of beneficial owners, says Maria McGrady.

  • Legal brief 19 December 2006

    Regulatory changes to the rescue?

  • Tax corner 19 December 2006

    Do you really own your income?

  • Building on success 19 December 2006

    The conference season is over – three conferences in three months, and isf was there to check them out. Here is a round-up of the Clearstream, RMA and IMN European Beneficial Owners conference events – three out of the five biggest securities finance conferences of the period.

  • Can you see clearly now? 19 December 2006

    MiFID is scheduled to come into force on 1 November 2007. Yet given its scope and impact, and scepticism in many quarters about how much benefit will in fact result from the sizable implementation and ongoing compliance costs, it remains a contentious initiative. Paul Allen reports.

  • Cutting out the middle man 19 December 2006

    Norges Bank Investment Management expects its $280 billion in assets to double in the next five years. Marek Sanders speaks to securities lending manager Matthew Brunette about the fund's growth, agent lenders and corporate governance.

  • Market analysis 19 December 2006

    A flood in Australia

  • One stop shop for hedge funds 19 December 2006

    Hedge funds are faster and more demanding than ever before, and prime brokers need to service them at speed. To keep up with their clients, the brokers are changing their business model. Craig MacDonald tracks the prime brokers that are leading the race and analyses what hedge funds really want from their broker.

  • November

    Active in action 01 November 2006

    Active global equity is surging in popularity as investors seek to add value says Ettie Neil-Gallacher.

  • September

    Crossing the finishing line 22 September 2006

    Oh how things can change in a year, the waiting is over and the race has been won. Who is the best borrower and lender in the world? Craig MacDonald and Marek Sanders report.

  • Bank profiles 22 September 2006

    Here are the biggest stories of the year.

  • Full rankings 22 September 2006

    The unedited rankings of both borrowers and lenders

  • Full rankings continued 22 September 2006

  • Additional questions 22 September 2006

    Respondent breakdown; tri-party and IT questions

  • News in brief 22 September 2006

  • June

    Impaled by FX Rates 27 June 2006

    This quarter Nick Fitzpatrick assesses data that suggest custodians are selecting which of their clients receive the best and worst rates on FX transactions

  • Passive stays popular 27 June 2006

    The big index managers are still pulling in some of the choicest mandates, finds Angela Henshall.

  • Top Alpha Managers in Switzerland 27 June 2006

    Following their French, Italian and Spanish Alpha League Tables, Edhec and EuroPerformance have now ranked the best performing Swiss managers. Virginie Buey of EuroPerformance and Peter O'Kelly of the Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre report on the winners.

  • May

    Emerging markets win approval 05 May 2006

    US pension plans are embracing emerging markets managers, finds Angela Henshall.

  • Unswerving loyalty 05 May 2006

    CFA's John Barrass concludes his series on asset manager conduct with a look at the most fundamental principle of the client-manager relationship: loyalty.

  • April

    Mandates: Aggressively seeking alpha 13 April 2006

    Pension funds are getting serious about matching liabilities and seeking absolute returns, finds Angela Henshall.

  • Top alpha generators in Spain and Italy 13 April 2006

    In February's GI, Edhec published its Alpha League Table for France. This month, Virginie Buey of EuroPerformance and Peter O'Kelly of the Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre, unveil the top alpha producers in Spain and Italy.

  • February

    Out with the old 02 February 2006

    The New Year has prompted pension funds to review their portfolios, and dispense with underperforming managers

  • The pursuit of specialists 02 February 2006

    Which asset managers are the best alpha providers in France? Virginie Buey of EuroPerformance and Peter O'Kelly of the Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre assess the evidence.