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  • June

    Two’s a crowd 01 June 2001

    Surely the last thing Europe needs is two more stock exchanges? Will virt-x and Nasdaq Europe offer the market anything new? By Ben Wright.

  • May

    iBoxx enters bond battle 01 May 2001

    Bond indices remain light years behind their equity counterparts, particularly in terms of transparency, objectivity and derivative products. Can the seven banks putting together the iBoxx indices change that? By Ben Sills.

  • April

    Indexing the hot sectors 01 April 2001

    The move to sector investing has made index providers nervous. Do they benchmark every sector, even those deeply out of fashion, or do they try and second guess investors’ preferences? And what of sector-based derivatives? By Ben Sills.

  • March

    Eyeing up Asian debt 01 March 2001

    While many of the world’s markets seem saturated by indices, Asian debt seems bizarrely neglected. But with global investors looking to credit for added returns, the index providers are turning an eye to Asia. By Ben Sills.

  • Leaving the Clob behind 01 March 2001

    Approval for a new Nasdaq trading platform appears to end any hope for a central limit order book. It is a victory for the ECNs, but the war against Nasdaq goes on. By Ben Wright.